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Welcome to Robotiq! Here you'll find a selection of products chosen for their educational value.

We are UK suppliers of a range of robotics kit products from Vex Robotics, Lego, and E-puck. We also supply Arduino boards, kits and components as well as embedded Linux boards .

NEW!! We are now distributing Letry education robotics kits. These form an ideal, low price, introduction to electronics and robotics. Their breadboard based design makes them ideally suited for Arduino enthusiasts looking to develop motorised Arduino projects.

NEW!! The Tin Can Tools section contains a collection of cost effective products for anyone wishing to explore Embedded Linux Systems programming

NEW!! We will soon be distributing home/distance learning packs covering a wide range of computing, arduino, processing, Linux and web development. These are based on tried and tested teaching materials developed by First Technology Transfer Ltd.

FTT Training Home Page

NEW!! For those looking for Microchip or AVR boards and accessories, as well as economical robotics kits based on Microchip have a look at the Digilentinc sections of this store.

Check out our range from POB-Technology - educational robots developed in France.

If you are looking to embark on a career in programming, web development or robotics why not visit the AbsoluteBeginners web site

If you teach science and robotics or are interested in the use of robotics in education then why not visit UKREF - The UK Robotics Education Foundation Website

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Shipping is charged at 10% of order price for orders up to 120.00 pounds, then at 7.5% for orders up to 500.00 pounds. This applies to purchases from the UK only. For purchases over 500, or for orders from outside the UK please inquire as to shipping costs by sending an email to . Delivery is usually 5-10 days from receipt of order. The prices shown include VAT, where applicable, which, since January 2011 is 20.0%.

Shown below are some of our most popular items.

Vex Robotics Starter Kit

The Vex Robotics Starter Kit is the perfect way to begin creating your own radio-controlled robots. This is serious stuff!

249.99 (Incl. VAT)

E-puck mini mobile robot

The e-puck is a compact mobile robot developed by EPFL (Ecole Ploytechnique Federal de Lausanne)

It carries a rich array of sensors including 8 proximity detectors, 3 accelerometers, 3 microphones, a VGA colour camera and an IR receiver for remote control.

448.00 (Incl. VAT)

ChipKIT MAX 32

41.00 (Incl. VAT)

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